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    One of the dual aims of the Citizens Advice service is to campaign to improve the policies and practices which affect people's every day lives. Everyone who works for us contributes to this work, by identifying examples of unfairness and writing a report. These reports are dealt with by our team of dedicated volunteers who carry out further research and campaign to bring about improvements for the people of Rother District . The top subjects we are working on right now :

    Rother District  Citizens Advice  six  top tips to sort out your debts.

    To  help people kick off 2018 on a stronger financial footing, Rother District Citizens Advice is sharing its top tips to help people get their finances in order for the New Year.

    1. Work out how much you owe - Make a list of who you owe money to and add up how much you need to pay each month.If you don't have your most recent statement, contact your creditor to find out what you owe.

    2.  Priorities your debts - Your rent or mortgage , energy and council tax are called priority debts as there can be serious consequences if you don't pay them. These should always be paid first. Separate these and work out how much you owe.

    3. Work out how much you can pay - Create  a budget by adding up your essential living costs such as food and housing, and taking away these from your income. Any money you have spare can be put towards your debts. Citizens Advice budgeting tool can help.

    4. Paying urgent debts - You may have several priority debts and can't pay them all . Contact all your creditors to find out if you can negotiate on how much you pay, or hen you pay them. Always  pay first priority creditors who are taking action against you.

    5. Paying non-urgent debts - If you  have any money left after paying priority debts, consider getting a free debt-management plan .You'll make one monthly payment to the plan provider, who will handle paying your creditor. Or contact your creditor and offer them what you can afford to pay.

    6. If you can't pay your debts - If  you've got little or no money spare to pay your priority debts seek advice from us straight away.

    If you would like to support our campaigns or are interested in finding out more about this work you can contact us via Adviceline 03444 111 444. You can read more about National Policy Research here and Campaigns here.

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